Rec’d on YT | Mastering the Rhythm of the Jazz Throw with Ron Watson

In this engaging segment from Pawsitive Vybe’s DiscDog Dojo #91 Throwdown Thursday, Ron Watson offers an in-depth tutorial on executing the ‘Jazz Throw’, a popular technique in dog frisbee. Starting with a discussion on ‘body as flick’ and the importance of a push throw, Watson meticulously breaks down the steps, including the correct disc loading, switching, and throwing sequences.

During the tutorial, he stresses the significance of the ‘clockwise spinning throw’ and the importance of aligning the throw with the dog’s movement direction. Furthermore, he talks about a ‘lefty-righty switch’, which he admits took him several sessions to master.

He also shares essential tips like checking the disc’s wing, positioning oneself relative to the target, and adjusting the body orientation during the throw. He emphasizes the need to overcorrect when making adjustments.

Watson also introduces a fun element to the Jazz Throw by catching the disc after the throw. Despite the challenges of performing this indoors, he successfully demonstrates the maneuver. The segment concludes with Watson praising his dogs, Cupcake and Epic, for their patience during the tutorial, leaving viewers with valuable insights into mastering the Jazz Throw.
via PVybe on YT: YouTube

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