Rec’d on YT | 🥏🐶🥋Mechanics Monday: Mastering Cuing, Communication & Flow in Disc Dog | DiscDog Dojo#90 🔧🔥

🐾🎥 Welcome back to DiscDog Dojo! In tonight’s special Mechanics Monday livestream, join world-renowned disc dog trainer Ron Watson, along with his trusty co-host Epic, and their furry friends CupCake and the King as they explore the art of cuing, communication, and Flow in disc dog training. 🥏🐶

🌟 What to expect in tonight’s show:

In-depth discussions on cuing techniques and their impact on your dog’s performance
Tips for enhancing communication and understanding between you and your canine companion
How to create a seamless Flow in your training sessions and routines
Live demonstrations with Epic, 🧁CupCake🧁, and da 👑King👑 to illustrate the concepts
Q&A session where Ron will answer your questions and offer personalized advice
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👉 Grab your discs, bring your questions, and get ready to elevate your disc dog game to new heights! See you tonight at the Dojo! 🐾🔥

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