Pawsitive Vybe Training Tour

The Pawsitive Vybe Training Tour is afoot…

Press Release – 10.20.09

Pawsitive Vybe Embarks on Dog Sport and Positive Dog Training Tour

Ron Watson, co-founder of Pawsitive Vybe, plans to tour the nation helping people to better understand and train their dog.

Creator and administrator of, a Dog Sport Training community, and an expert in Dog Sports and Positive Dog training, Watson will deliver comprehensive instruction on Dog Frisbee, Positive Dog Training, Bitework and Tugging, Reactive Dog Rehab and Dog Rescue in three basic formats: Seminars (8 hour group instruction), Clinics (4 hour group instruction), and hourly Personal Lessons.

Starting in the Midwest with events planned in Chicago, IL, Detroit, MI, Indianapolis, IN, Columbus and Dayton, OH, and events in the planning stages in Georgia, Florida, Arkansas, Missouri, Texas Arizona and California, the Tour will offer pet owners and dog sports enthusiasts cutting edge positive training and dog sport instruction.

Pawsitive Vybe – Dog Training, Performance and Art

Pawsitive Vybe, a dog training studio in Western Michigan, specializes in Dog Sports and Positive Dog Training and is a destination training location for Dog Sport and Positive Training enthusiasts across the country. Pawsitive Vybe is also home to Pawsitive Vybe Metalworks, a sculpture studio featuring metal sculpture by Apryl Lea

Pawsitive Vybe
11659 Berrigan Ave
Cedar Springs, MI 49319

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