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On Disc Dog Vaulting | Timing Is NOT Your Problem

Timing is not the issue with vaulting. Placing focus on timing in order to solve vaulting problems will not solve them. It will make them worse.

In vaulting disc dogs, everyone is focused on timing, and it’s largely my fault. For 18 years I broadcast the ideas: “Don’t Be Late!” and “Early, Early, Early!” And the message was received. It’s nearly the law when it comes to vaulting a disc dog.


  1. Thanks for this, Ron. This has been one of my biggest problems with Brick is the over timing. Much appreciated!


    1. Happy it was helpful to you. It’s kind of crazy when you think about it…

  2. I can’t download the videos — I’m using Mac OSX and the “Save As” option isn’t presented. What can I do?

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