Rigler Drill

Rigler Drill

Catch with Dueling Vault Tosses

  1. Partner up, 1-1.5 yards apart
  2. Simultaneously throw vault tosses (Low High/Horizontal Hover) to partner
  3. One goes high, one low
  4. No “Pitching”
  5. Repeat

Tips: The throw must go up and down, pitching is forward at the person. Both throws go straight up and down. The person throwing low leads.

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Playing catch with another human is probably the best and fastest way to improve our throwing skills. Develop a game of flowing catch. This is Learning Through Play.

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Reading the disc is a skill that astute dogs and humans pick up rather quickly. The float, the spin, and the speed can reliably be gauged and predicted after several reps. Of course this changes with wind, disc choice, and throwing ability but, generally speaking, the flight path of a disc is easily predicted.

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Shaping a Leaping Catch can, and should be a full time job. Always throw with the intent to deliver the leaping catch unless working something specific that requires a specific approach, speed or distance that is incompatible with a leaping catch. Out throws are glory, not afterthoughts.

Within a game of disc dog freestyle there are many opportunities to reinforce and shape the leaping catch and to turn the speed regulation required for the leaping catch into a habit that is ever present in your freestyle game.