The Flick Myth in Disc Sports

The big secret about the wrist Flick in disc sports is…
there is no Flick.

There is no wrist flick in Frisbee. At least not in the way most people understand the of flicking the wrist. The Flick of the disc comes not from the wrist, but from the stopping of the arm. All the wrist does is stay loose. Get the arm moving and stop it quickly and if the wrist is loose the disc flicks. That’s it.

Accentuating the Flick

For a powerful flick, get the arm moving fast towards the target. Stop the arm quickly and sharply and pull the arm back and away from the target, keeping the wrist loose. This sharp and quick change in speed from 100% to -20% takes place in a millisecond — the faster the better. This can also be looked at as stopping the arm harder, but the pulling back aspect is quite important to achieving a more massive speed change in a tiny amount of time.

Get the arm moving quickly and stop it sharply with a loose wrist and discs get flicked.

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  1. Bruno Icobet

    Brilliant !! This mind blowing ! Simple and clear. Now everything makes sense.
    Can’t wait to test and see the changes.



    1. Ron Watson Post author

      Alright, Bruno!
      Glad you find it interesting. It really is a big deal and changes things immediately for most people.
      Let us know how it works out for you.

  2. Judy Curran

    Makes so much sense! Breaking it DOWNNNN! very cool

  3. chardy

    It makes lot of sense. your a great instructor Ron. I’m really glad i enrolled on disc dog foundation

  4. Emily Heitzmann

    I know we are farther along in the course now but had to come back to comment–this simple truth is making a big difference in my throwing, my dogs thank you!!!

    1. Ron Watson Post author

      Feel free to comment anywhere, any time, Emily.

      It is a huge deal for throwing. It’s in effect on all of the releases as well. I am happy that you got it and it’s helping you and your dogs out.

  5. Parapente

    It is basic Newton 3rd law o motion Action – Reaction. Like a car crash. You (frisbie) inside the car (Hand). Car crashes (hand stops) energy is trasferred to the body inside (frisbie goes flying).

    PS: Nerd moment

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