Japanese Dog Catch

Learn to do a Japanese Dog Catch with your disc dog in just a few simple steps. This is based off of Pawsitive Vybe Flag and Flash Bitework…

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DiscDogger Weekly #19 – Talking Disc Dogs and Disc Dog Bitework

Welcome to DiscDogger Weekly Episode 19. On this week’s agenda we’ve got disc dog puppy bitework with Grasshopper and a new disc dog star, Wham! We’ve got some discussion of disc dog shapes and Team Movement with UpDog Founder,Jack Fahle, and demonstration of the impact of handler movement on Shapes with Ron & Epic. Throwing is featured this week as well with a lesson on throwing behind the back, a wordy announcement from Pawsitive Vybe, and a freestyle Jam session with Jack & Spice.


  1. I still have this on my radar. But I want to really dial in Dodge’s back vault first. And since we don’t yet have a reliable stall…

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