An Epic Trigger Example

What exactly is the Trigger for your dog to get the disc? Serious question that demands a clear and concise answer. Do you have one? Not having a clear answer to this question leads to all kinds of problems from an unreliable Wait to missed catches at a distance to poor vault and over timing. Ron & Epic demonstrate our standard Triggers for a catch, a Bite, flips, overs – and all of those skills are Triggered with the same mechanic.

Horizontal Orientation of the Disc = Go!

The primary Trigger for disc dogs that we use at Pawsitive Vybe is the horizontal rim orientation. Our dogs are taught to not attempt to bite a disc or take off on the run unless the disc has hit that horizontal position.

This is a really reliable Trigger.

The Long Tail of a Strong Trigger

There are many desirable behaviors that are created and reinforced through the intentional use of a Trigger.

  • Patience for the Bite
  • Wait
  • Vault Timing
  • Successful catching
  • Coordinated Team Movement

to name a few…

Not having a clear Trigger defined or having muddy, unclear triggers on particular skills has been the number one issue for at least 80% of disc dog troubleshooting we have been asked to do over the last 5 years.

This literally is one of the most important concepts in dog frisbee.

Peace & Happy Jamming

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