Class Excerpt: Crossing Pass Question

Passing can happen actively or passively. The Crossing Pass allows the handler to handle the dog into the pass, setting the dog’s line and creating a trigger to start the maneuver from a Team Movement perspective.

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Class Excerpt | Braking on the Crossing Pass Form

Ron & Epic do a little Tuesday Afternoon Disc Quan Do laying out some practical advice and practical application of the Yellow Belt Crossing Pass Form. Stopping the dog after the Front Cross provides additional context and understanding of the Form and highlights the Flatwork Process concept covered in DiscDogger Weekly #23.

DiscDogger Weekly #24 – Flank or Pass and Wait vs Stay with Dog Catch & Stall

Episode 24 of the show takes on over-arousal in a multi-session progression lesson on Wait vs Stay featuring Ron & Motown working on the Back Stall. This type of strategic multitasking in dog training is what we do here at Pawsitive Vybe and should not be missed. We also have some Disc Quan Do class excerpts featuring the Flank or Pass Challenge that are on point for DiscDogger Weekly. Hope you dig the show!