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Patron’s Choice: Vaulting Principles | Disc Dog Vaulting Defined and Definitions

To vault in disc dog freestyle is to leap off the handler’s body to catch a disc in flight. A defining aspect of competitive disc dog freestyle, the Vault is a simple operation with a great many physical expressions and variations. This book aims to explore and uncover the principles and concepts of the vault and to deliver sound understanding of all aspects of the skill to players and judges for success, style, and safety’s sake.

On Disc Dog Vaulting | Timing Is NOT Your Problem

Timing is not the issue with vaulting. Placing focus on timing in order to solve vaulting problems will not solve them. It will make them worse.

In vaulting disc dogs, everyone is focused on timing, and it’s largely my fault. For 18 years I broadcast the ideas: “Don’t Be Late!” and “Early, Early, Early!” And the message was received. It’s nearly the law when it comes to vaulting a disc dog.

Disc Dog Vault Training | Cuing Direction

Tell, Trigger, Target is the disc dog vault sequence. Tell the dog where the disc will be caught and what type of vault is to be done, Trigger the dog’s movement with the presentation of the vaulting platform, and set the Target. It is your job to deliver this information so the dog leaves the ground knowing these three pieces of critical intelligence.


  1. Ron,
    This was an incredibley helpful video for me last spring. I had been trying to teach Rayne a reverse vault for a while and had a lot of advice from people that never panned out. This video is my number one reccomendation to anyone I talk to about for learning, stalls, vaults, rebounds!!!!!!

    You rock on this one!


    1. It’s the same. Just set your position and start the sequence. There is no difference except the handler steps forward and becomes the ball – leg vault, back vault, back stall or leg stall (yea, I said it… leg stall..)

      The cadence is key. “Top…2 (present cookie and obstacle)…Toss…”

      You can start kneeling if your dog is not a big leaper.

      I can break it down further than that if you’d like…

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