Foundational Vaulting Concepts

Special thanks to Emily Larlham, aka: Kikopup. It was truly great to get to meet and work with such a talented trainer.

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  1. Marion Paulson

    This was an incredibley helpful video for me last spring. I had been trying to teach Rayne a reverse vault for a while and had a lot of advice from people that never panned out. This video is my number one reccomendation to anyone I talk to about for learning, stalls, vaults, rebounds!!!!!!

    You rock on this one!


  2. OlyDiscDogs

    How do you transfer from ball or barrel to your body?

    1. Ron Watson Post author

      It’s the same. Just set your position and start the sequence. There is no difference except the handler steps forward and becomes the ball – leg vault, back vault, back stall or leg stall (yea, I said it… leg stall..)

      The cadence is key. “Top…2 (present cookie and obstacle)…Toss…”

      You can start kneeling if your dog is not a big leaper.

      I can break it down further than that if you’d like…

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