disc dog flatwork with border collie

Flatwork Session with Rokalele

This was so much fun!

Leilei doesn’t play that much Frisbee anymore. It’s not that I don’t want to or that she physically can’t play, it’s just that she’s still so nuts for the disc and still so not interested in self preservation. Add to that the fact that her flips and leaps are about half the scale they used to be, and it’s a bit nerve wracking to play with her. Did I mention that Leilani is going to be 12 this year?

But she’s such a gamer! She LOVES to play. I had the GoPro all charged up and wanted to do some filming of flatwork, and Rokalele was there, giving me the eye,”Let’s play!” When I asked her if she wanted to play Frisbee, she just about came unglued. So here we go, a little disc dog Flatwork with Rokalele…

Not bad for an old lady, eh?

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  1. I think you are pretty fantastic! Disc Dog Empire, in Riverside, CA, posted on facebook that we have an opportunity to do a workshop with you. So I checked out your Facebook page – awesome! The videos – awesome! And now I’m on your blog – awsome! I’ve liked your facebook page. I’m hoping a workshop works out for us and for you. I am excited about being able to work with you via online just need to see how all this works. I will be back. By the way I’m not surprised Leilani is still growing strong. Thank you for considering her changing physical being even though she wants to do it all. I’m glad you haven’t left her behind. I relate to her. Looking forward to some new adventures with you. Love the cover on your facebook page and the colors – can I come there w the pups? 🙂 I’ve not checked out your art but what I’ve seen on facebook I like. Take care.

    1. Awesome comment, Jeanne. Thank you so much for the kind words. I am trying to get something together in LA in the middle of may. Scheduling will be a bit more last minute than I would like, and we can’t do a camp which is always our preference but such is life sometimes, right?

      Online classes will be starting in a couple of weeks. I can answer questions via email, a phone call, or google chat. Hit me up via our contact page and I can give you the skinny.

      Your comment really made my night, Jeanne, thanks! I look forward to working with you and I’m sure Apryl does too.

      Thanks again… and even a little old lady Rokalele is pretty fantastic.

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