Shaping Engagement with Harbor

Engagement starts with Dismissal. You can’t ON without OFF. If you don’t control turning your dog OFF, you don’t have a good hold of the handle on Engagement. Aleaha & Harbor do some disc work featuring Dismissal and some capturing and shaping of Engagement from the environment.

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Marty McFly Disc Dog Puppy Jam

Let’s go Back to the Future with Apryl Lea & Marty McFly from 2017. In one of Marty’s first field jams, Apryl and the young man work on staying engaged and freeshaping the Drop.

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Puppy Dog Catch and Wait Foundation with Grasshopper

Ron & Grasshopper work on a Dog Catch, Pedestal, and Wait vs Stay in this training session featured in DiscDogger Weekly #24. Getting a Dog Catch is a good thing, but getting a Dog Catch while clearly communicating Wait vs Stay and installing a trigger for the Dog Catch is elegant and efficient and the way that we like to do things at Pawsitive Vybe.

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Grasshopper Puppy SetUp & Position

Grasshopper is an interesting puppy situation. He’s just HUGE and FAST! And he’s a real goer. This makes for an interesting situation, developmentally, and I think it’s kind of relevant to puppy training. The problem is that it’s tough to talk about.

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Disc Dog Puppy Bitework | Details

DiscDog Bitework is an amazing, low impact exercise for puppies of all ages. In addition to teaching the basic mechanics of the game: Bite, Drop, and Give, bitework can deliver many important details and ancillary behaviors of working dogs.

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Teaching a DiscDog Puppy to Catch | Bridging the Take

Teaching a disc dog puppy to catch is a rather simple task. All you have to do is set up a situation where a catch is likely and then allow the dog to make the catch. That said, setting up a situation where a catch is likely is not a simple, cut and dried operation. Bridging the Take relies on backchaining and shaping to solve this problem.

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DiscDog Puppy Bitework | Function

Bitework is a tremendous exercise for teaching dogs to play disc. Bite, Drop, Give, Drive Management, Patience, Position, and catching can all be taught and reinforced using a thoughtful game of Bitework. Ron & Wham! work some Bitework and demonstrate some of the basic functions of the game.

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practical disc dog puppy bitework

Practical Disc Dog Puppy Bitework with Wham!

Jack and Wham! work on some disc dog puppy bitework on the big field at the Fahle Ranch.The focus of this session is keeping this young frisbee phenom on task and engaged and to develop and reinforce basic disc dog mechanics: Bite, Drop, and Give. Rollers are thrown in for action and variety. Wham! is a 16 week old Aussie.

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DiscDog Puppy Bitework | Criteria and Bite Trigger

Disc Dog Bitework is a great way to teach the mechanics of disc play: Bite, Drop, and Give. Each of these skills is integral to the game of disc with a dog whether you’re playing freestyle or focused on disc dog games. Ron & Grasshopper work a little bitework in this short session with a focus on drawing attention to the Bite and Drop criteria and the trigger for a Bite.

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disc dog puppy training

Disc Dog Team Movement Foundation | Puppy’s 2nd Jam

This is Grasshopper’s 2nd jam ever. We did an introduction to disc a few weeks ago that went pretty well. Since then we have done three team movement sessions with cookies (1 | 2 | 3) which included some work on front and rear crosses. There was a total of 17 minutes of work done in those cookie training sessions.

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disc dog puppy videos

Disc Dog Puppy Videos in Playlist Format

Disc Dog Puppy Training is a part science and part art form. The human is a trainer, handler, and athlete. The dog is a learner, an athlete, and a teammate. The game of disc with a dog is simple in theory – bite – drop – give and reward placement. In practical terms it can spiral out of control and become unwieldy and complex rather quickly. The disc dog puppy videos in this playlist feature tried and true training techniques arranged in a systemic fashion that teach all the skills you and your puppy need to learn to become a disc dog team.

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Disc Dog Puppy Team Movement

Everything Your Puppy Needs to Know About Team Movement in 5 Minutes

This method teaches a puppy everything they need to know about Team Movement in 5 minutes and immediately translates to disc play. It delivers 5 set up moves for interior Team Movement (one of them being a Scoot) and is a complete communication method for all Team Movement. It is one of the first things we teach a puppy.

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disc dog puppy jam

Puppy’s First Disc Dog Jam | Zappa the GrassHoppa

Zappa is a 17 week old puppy who has never played disc. This is a typical introductory puppy training session for us, meaning it is anything but typical. The concepts used are all standard: Working off the Drop, Attention for Next, Shaping Engagement, and Reinforcing with Action, but the application of them is based upon what the puppy gives and what the situation demands. Be sure to catch the voiceover or it won’t make much sense… I’ll lay out some more stuff below.

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Three Simple Steps to Teach a Polka Puppy a Hoop

Historical footage recovered from our cloud archive, the Polkanado puppy learning the Hoop behavior. This was her first shot at the skill and you can see she got it right away. Now part of that is because she is not only super cute, but she’s super smart, but this simple 3-step Hoop technique we’re going to cover right here is extremely elegant and effective.

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