Disc Dog Puppy Team Movement Foundation | 2nd Session

Zappa’s second Team Movement foundation session went quite well. This time we did 9 Set Up Moves: Around Clock, Around Counter, Backwards Through Clock, Backwards Through Counter, Through Clock, Through Counter, Scoot, and Get Back from Heel and Side (Scoot from the side). We also added Front & Rear Cross and Spin & Twist (clock & counter spins). All of this within a communication system that translates directly to disc.

Efficient & Elegant Disc Dog Puppy Foundation

This foundation work is both efficient and elegant. If you can teach 9 Set Up Moves, Spin & Twist, Front & Rear Cross, AND teach a communication system that transfers directly to on field disc play faster and more completely, have at it. I don’t think it’s possible.

We’re going to do 1 more cookie session this week and put it in the show, same set up as this one, and the week after that we’re going to take it out on the field and jam with rollers with this little pup using exactly the same action. No kidding.

The only thing that doesn’t transfer immediately to the disc field are the Scoot behaviors, but we’ve got a trick for that. It’ll be laid down before Halloween. 😉

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