Totally Epic FlashJam 2020 #1



Not Your Normal, Everyday Flash Jam

A normal Jam in a Flash has been 5 tricks, much like a card game. 5 Card Stud is the originally Jam in a Flash game. 5 tricks drawn in order, assembled and played out in 5 reps – 4 reps with waits and 1 rep of live speed play.

A normal Flash Jam often winds up with 5 Set Up Moves, which is cool for learning, but sometimes rough on the dog and handler if there are not enough disc play involved. We’re not dog dancing out here…

Epic Flash Jam 2020 #1 – This is a Tesla Jam – 6 throws. This sequence was generated with the Random Tools App (iPhone only) and this mind map image was created with XMind.

Tesla Style – 3 or 6 Throws

3 and 6 Throw Sequences guarantee that not all of the tricks will be Set Up Moves. There will be at least 3 or 6 throws. This encourages players to keep all their Set Up Moves in play and to experiment with putting those moves together in interesting and novel ways.
A 3 Throw Flash Jam will probably be pretty short and sweet, or at most a 5 or six trick sequence. This places the focus on linking tricks. A 6 Throw Flash Jam is likely to be much longer and more about Flow and getting set up. Give each a try.

The Lesson

Every Jam in a Flash yields at least 1 lesson. This jam delivered 3 good lessons:

Separate Jazz and Epic Vault

I do a Jazz Vault (the one I was supposed to do) which is a somewhat standard reverse back vault with a lefty Jazz throw delivery – I should be standing up and Eppie should be vaulting off my hip or my lower back.

I also do an Epic Vault with the same throw, but it’s inverted and nasty. I’m leaning over and he vaults off my right shoulder.

In all the reps in this jam, except for the first one, I was caught between the two vaults in terms of position. I need to make sure I am doing one or the other. Conflating these two vaults and their positions is all but guaranteed to be unsuccessful.

Vault to Flank with Front Cross

This was an unexpected foundational lesson. I just did a vault to flank lesson on the blog and a few months ago I learned a very similar lesson when revisiting an old Flash Jam.

Using the Front Cross after the vault asks the dog to pay attention to the handler and look for connection with the handler after the vault and gives the handler greater control over the release from vaults.

A few reps of this and your dog should land and look for the flatwork hook up.

Rut Counter to Clock Flip

There is something about this trick that is interesting. I’ve got to give it some thought. It’s a very interesting move, and I’m not sure how it works or what it means, but I’m going to be looking into it…

The Jam

Most people look to Jam in a Flash to create bold and fresh new sequences – stuff completely out of the box that is super sweet. Not every draw yields a sweet sequence. But many draws yield sweet pieces of sequences or super useful movements between tricks if you’re looking for them.

Thru Clock to Counter Vault

This is most likely a very standard set up move for many people. Not for me though. The Counter Clock Back Vault is not really my jam – I like to go clock on this move. So this movement is not in my quiver of tricks.

Putting them together in this jam was both a great lesson and super useful for our jam.

Vault to Front Cross

The Vault to Front Cross is super smooth and emotive. I really like it. Pulling the dog off the standard release after a vault will be quite useful. I think it will get much play in our game in the future.

Rut Counter to Flip Clock

I see this move becoming a Counter Clock Rut n Flip. The Set Up Move and flip will combine to become one trick. It’s both a variation of a Mo Move and a complex Set Up Move.

I’m excited to play around with it.

Jazz to Jakie Twist

The Jazz Vault, a move we’re stealing from Tzahi, an Israeli jammer, is pretty sweet. The Jakie Twist will fall right into place with it. These two tricks together are a keeper.

In addition to the sweet new 2 trick move, the concept of a Rebound to Jakie, something Loot and I are familiar with will be happening in Epic’s game too. It’s funny that we have not used this sequence before…

Reverse Leg Vault to Sidearm

The Sidearm after the Rebound is real nice. It’s cool making a throw while looking into Eppie’s giant eyes as he’s wrapping up the rebound. Super stoked about this one as well.

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