Totally Epic Flash Jam 2020 #5

This is Flash Jam # 5 for 2020. It’s pretty sweet. The random list was created with Random Tools App (iPhone) and the MindMap image here was created with Xmind.

The Lessons

Several important lessons from this Flash Jam. It never ceases to amaze me, the things that can be learned by doing things you don’t always do… Staying aware and open and being present during these jams is nothing short of amazing.

Helis Can Happen on Thru

This was a pretty cool lesson, lots of opportunities here. I have only worked Heli Flips on a Working Flank. Well, the Thru has a flank, and wouldn’t you know it, a flip can happen on that flank.

And of course I have done Mo Moves for decades. Thru n Flip, which is a Heli Out from a Thru set up has been a goto move for me since 1998. And yet I didn’t really realize that it was a Heli opportunity until today. Super cool.

The rest of our Set Up Moves are now fair game. Woohoo! I’ll be sharing these lessons soon.

Yachi Vaults Release Clock

I never really paid attention to the dog’s release on Yachi Vaults. I’ve only pulled my dog back to me for another vault in sequences, used it as a moving vault in transition, or as the last trick in the sequence , so it didn’t matter.

Well it does matter and now I know to pay attention to that. And Eppie knows to look to me and hook up due to that Front Cross afterwards. Same lesson as Totally Epic Flashjam 2020 #1 from yesterday. That’s gonna stick.

Use Flow to Shape Reverse Chest Vaults

Eppie and I have struggled with the Reverse Chest Vault since we started to try to do them 5 years ago. It’s been dangerous to my dangly bits below my waistline… Needless to say I was pretty nervous about this move in this sequence and actually thought of pulling the Reverse Chest Vault from our list.

But putting that really hard to execute trick in a sequence seemed to make it much more likely to be executed properly. Interesting lesson, for sure.

The Jam

Got a few pretty useful mini-sequences from this jam that will be sticking around.

Yachi Vault From Heli Out

Loot and I have a Yachi Vault out of other tricks, he’s a bit bigger and covers more ground and leaves me a little more space to work with. Epic, being smaller and more tight and pushy with his set up has not done Yachi Vaults in sequence. Well, he does now.

Heli out is a great trick for it too. Going to have to remember that…

Front Cross to Weightless Lift

The Weightless Lift, like most flips only seemed to get done from Front position, which is fairly limited in terms of flow and creativity. I was unaware that the Front Cross would lend itself so nicely to the move.

And, of course, most tricks from Front Position happen right after a Front Cross, but it doesn’t seem to resonate until the Front Cross in question is an actual trick that has to be done in sequence.

This has tons of flow potential moving forward. I expect a lesson or two to come out of this one.

Scoot to Reverse Chest Vault

I think this one might stick around, and we might wind up with an Airbounce under the Chest Vault.

Super stoked to have this in Eppie’s arsenal.

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