Totally Epic Flash Jam 2020 #4

An interesting jam in a flash, for sure, Totally Epic FlashJam 2020 #4 is chock full of simple lessons that deliver several sweet flavors of jam.

The Lesson

This doesn’t always happen, but the lessons are also the jam… And the lessons and the jam are complete no brainers.

Fakie to Flank

You would think that this would be obvious, but obvious is not always how we work.

The Fakie Spin is a disc-less clockwise flip off the handler’s body. Linking this to the Clockwise Flank is just common sense. It might be common sense, but it’s not a common sequence of events. Score one for the luck of the draw.

These two moves really work together quite well, and it will be equally as smoove in the Counter Clock Direction. This should go into everybody’s jam.

Heli-In to Rut n Flip

Clock Flank to Clock Flip wind up being a Heli In.

I can’t believe that we have not done this before, and if we have I can’t believe that I forgot about it. Heli flips (flips on the flank) really should be explored and investigated. They seem to have unending creative applications.

Push Throw Doesn’t Jive with Counter Thru

This really didn’t seem to work well. Not sure what it was about it, but it didn’t feel right.

I got the feeling that the Counter Thru would work quite well with the Jazz Throw, but didn’t have the time to mess around with it in the heat.

The Jam

As mentioned above, most of the lessons learned are also the jam. It doesn’t always happen that way, but we all get lucky sometimes…

Fakie to Flank

Clockwise Heli In to Rut n Flip (Backwards Thru n Flip)

This is really quite a clean sequence. The team movement seems to hook up quite well with the handler movement used in the Backwards Thru n Flip.

The resolution of the flip for the dog drops right into the Rut n Flip. I hope this one sticks in our jam.

Jazz Throw to Thru n Flip

I really liked this move. It felt really good and looks to be a good piece of team movement that is easy to replicate.

All that needs to happen is to throw it over top a pile of existing discs and it’s a great move for transition.

Thru n Flip to Jakie Twist

I switched the Jakie Spin to Jakie Twist, as we don’t have the Jakie in the clockwise direction.

It is a fast and aggressive move that hooks up quite well with the Thru n Flip. It should stick around, I think…

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