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The Sound of DiscDog | Cuing a Vault

Ron & Epic warmup for some detailed vault work and demonstrate proper vault cuing in this Sound of DiscDog session on Clubhouse. The Sound of DiscDog is a series we run in the Pawsitive Vybe Club on Clubhouse, an audio only social network, that is designed to stimulate our listeners imaginations and draw attention to some of the missing elements of disc dog and dog training through visual consumption. Listening to training and jams can provide a completely different understanding. Give it a shot, listen to the audio below before watching the video.

The Sound of DiscDog | Halting the Chewing and Mauling of Discs with King

Another installment of the Sound of DiscDog with King. This session was amazing for King and I. This mauling/chewing behavior has been a real nag. It’s quite oppressive in normal working environments, but it wound up being an easy job in this Sound of DiscDog session. It’s very illustrative and easy to hear some of the timing stuff, especially if you heard the first session last week. Check out the audio below before watching the vid if you want the full effect…

Disc Dog Vault Training | Cuing Direction

Tell, Trigger, Target is the disc dog vault sequence. Tell the dog where the disc will be caught and what type of vault is to be done, Trigger the dog’s movement with the presentation of the vaulting platform, and set the Target. It is your job to deliver this information so the dog leaves the ground knowing these three pieces of critical intelligence.


  1. Wow Ron he’s a completely different dog after starting the Fly Chi Forms and when it comes to disc mauling you’ve got his number 🤩

    1. He’s coming along. I had some issues last night at our local jam session – he got a little obsessive on the mauling. I think I got a good punishment dropped on it for the first time. We can chat about it in class today…

      1. He’s come a long way and you should be Super Proud of what you’ve accomplished, I know I am!!!

        The key thing I see is the transition to more patience after a fail on trigger work and keeping him engaged without an instant reward with action without reverting to mauling 🤷🏼‍♀️
        Off to the park for a short disc session with my Boys and see you in class 💞🙏🏻
        1. Yea, have to keep the progression in mind… it’s easy to miss the improvement while the shit is falling apart… General Manager & Coach need to stay off the field, right?

          Have fun at the park.