Training for UpDIF 2019 | Epic Cam | Spaced Out from Zone 5

Give ‘Em the Ol’ 1-2…

This is right in Eppie’s wheelhouse. Zone 5 provides a solid 1-2 Clockwise move, throwing 10 yards straight ahead from the zone and then following up with the 20 yard throw down the line or a slow hanger, drifting the dog into the sweet spot. Either way this is the only choice for Team Epically Baussome.

Spaced Out as Tracking Exercise

Spaced Out is a great game. We’ve been using it as a tracking drill. The idea is to have the dog not run a line; keeping the discs high creates the need to track and keeps the linear speed down.

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Patron’s Choice: Shaping a Leaping Catch | Creating a Late Read

Reading the disc is a skill that astute dogs and humans pick up rather quickly. The float, the spin, and the speed can reliably be gauged and predicted after several reps. Of course this changes with wind, disc choice, and throwing ability but, generally speaking, the flight path of a disc is easily predicted.

Spot Training as Set Up Move

Spot training can be used as a set up move and can increase the efficiency and flow of a training session.

On Shapes in Disc Dog Freestyle

Shapes are more than just the trail left by the dog on the field, and the patterns created by the dog after the catch. Shapes differ from Flatwork, and higher level Shapes should not rely solely on how the dog releases after a catch. Shapes are how the dog moves to navigate the catch.