PVybe ‘n’ Chill | An In Home Training Experience

Hang out with the PVybe Pack, watch hours of dog training edutainment, get in home training plans and/or lessons tailored to you and your dog, and support a couple of cool dog trainers who have given the dog training community years of free, cutting edge dog training and disc dog content.

Coming Soon to FB and YouTube…

We’re in the process of developing an in home training experience from Season 2 of our webseries, Pawsitive Vybe (formerly known as: the PVybe Life). This in home dog training experience is for Patrons of Pawsitive Vybe only.

We’ll do a weekly Premiere/Watch Party of each episode on FB and YouTube and PVybe n Chill together with our Patrons (Cups of Joe – $5/month tier – and above). During and after the show, Apryl Lea and I will field questions and chat, and after the show we’ll present a detailed lesson plan based on skills pulled from the episode and/or personalized lessons or instructional information for you and your dog that will fit in with what you are currently working on.

The Show, Pawsitive Vybe, is a webseries of nine 1/2 hour episodes that lay out our complete dog training foundation:

  • s2e1 | Got Attention?
  • s2e2 | Right on Target
  • s2e3 | Crossing the Threshold
  • s2e4 | Recapping Key Concepts
  • s2e5 | Rate of Reinforcement and CPM
  • s2e6 | Dissecting Duration
  • s2e7 | The Mystery Show
  • s2e8 | Bitework for Drive Building
  • s2e9 | Bitework for Drop

We are very proud of the show and believe it to be one of the best dog training webseries on the net.

It was a bit too deep and detailed for mass consumption on the internet when it came out in 2016, but for group viewing and a community with time on our hands, we think it is going to make a terrific in home dog training experience.

PVybe ‘n’ Chill is available to all Patrons of Pawsitive Vybe at the Cup of Joe tier level and above. All you pals out there… We’d love to hang out with you, please consider bumping up a tier. It’s going to be worth it.

For the general public, our Patreon program gives you access to a ton of dog training, Trick and Stunt Dog, and disc dog content and instruction, gives you personal access to Apryl and Ron, and helps to support and spread the Pawsitive Vybe, a dog training studio that has delivered cutting edge dog training and disc dog content for 15 years.

We’d love to PVybe ‘n’ Chill with you. Please consider becoming a Patron today.

Detailed schedule and program details soon to come.

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