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PVybe Movie Stars

The shoots went real well and we made some great connections with media production companies. We are looking forward to working with all of these great people again as well as having a working relationship with Bissell.

More Drops with Hops

This is a typical disc dog training session here at Pawsitive Vybe. We grab a leash, a handful of Frisbees, a highly aroused dog and walk across the tracks. This is a training session with Hops from beginning to end.

Interior Flatwork | How to Stop, Line Up & Lock In Your Disc Dog in 14 Seconds

Flatwork is the simple application of positional pressure and reward Placement. Expressing and executing that simple application to get the type of movement you want is anything but simple, but it is that easy.

Flatwork Compass | A Hair Trigger & Graphic Display of Over-Pursuit

The affects of a clean trigger in the Flatwork Compass show themselves in most all aspects of the game. Most dogs do not have a clean trigger. Cleaning up your trigger will have a positive impact on many aspects of your game.


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