Tao of Disc Dog | Balanced Throwing

Disc Placement is more than distance and height, there is a 3rd variable required to achieve the delicate balance of a guaranteed leaping catch: Time. The longer the disc hangs at your target the more likely the dog is to hop up and leap for it. A sense of time is required to deliver discs to a leaping dog on the run.

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Tao of Disc Dog | On Separation

Separation, the distance between the handler’s hand and the catch, matters. Discs should fly like wings for a moment before being caught because that’s the Way of Flying Discs.

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Tao of Disc Dog | Balance For the Dog

Performance is not Understanding. Just because a dog does it, doesn’t mean the dog knows how to do it or what they are doing. Speaking is about more than making sounds. Communication is more than sharing ideas.

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tao of disc dog

Tao of Disc Dog | Exploring the Depths

Depth of play can be split into 3 levels: a short, tight, inside game; a medium distanced, purposeful, mid-range game; and a long, big, or outside game.

For both competition and personal development, depth of play should be somewhat balanced between the three, leverage your strengths with more reps and demonstrate competence in areas of weakness strategically.

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Tao of Disc Dog | Easy Cheetah

You will never successfully play faster than your dog. The dog always plays at the handler’s speed and not a hair more. If the dog is trying to go faster than the handler it means the handler is probably willing to do so or has done so in the past.

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Tao of Disc Dog | There Is No Way

There is no set Way with your dog. No formula for success written for you, your dog, and your skills exists; anywhere. Such is the way of things.

The Way for you is the way that makes you, your dog, and the team look good, that demonstrates safe and successful play while making you and your dog happy.

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Loot the World | circa 2014-2017

Pretty sweet Counter Clock Around the World here… an Around the World is four throws in circular fashion with the dog on the Working Flank. This is a Counter Clockwise Around the World.

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Just Another Epic Jam

Warming Up: Epic Around the World A clockwise Around the World featuring a Jazz Throw, a Magic SideArm™, and a lazy Backhand. This was part

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