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Oppositional Feeding Applications

Pressure generated by dogs with lots of drive can be reduced by using Oppositional Feeding. It is a great tool for slowing dogs down and reducing their speed on retrieve.

Apryl Lea & Jolene | A Shapes Comparison

A few weeks ago Apryl & Jolene were featured in DiscDogger Weekly in a piece on Shapes & Flatwork. Their performance was notable because of the distinction between Flatwork and Shapes. Their Flatwork was solid but the Shapes were a bit weak. Apryl has since done some work on the Shapes part of her game with Jo, so let’s take a look at some subtle differences and distinctions.

Bitework and the Infinite Reward Loop

A zoomed out look at the game of Bitework focusing on creating an Infinite Reward Loop where every thing the dog does is successful and creates more opportunity.


  1. Nice….Kiva and Apryl rocked it, still loving the camera!!!!!

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