Disc Dogs and Stunt Kitty Rigler

Kitty Jam 2 – The Rise of Rigler

Our new PVybe Stunt Kitty, Rigler, hangs out on the big field and does some jamming with Apryl & Ron and Kiva, Si and Juicy. ;Apryl and Kiva work on a new move, a Chest Vault over, and Ron & Si work on some sequencing some “Mo Moves”. Juicy makes a quick appearance towards the end in a Stunt Kitty Sequence. Behold Kitty Jam 2.

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Patron’s Choice: Vaulting Principles | Disc Dog Vaulting Defined and Definitions

To vault in disc dog freestyle is to leap off the handler’s body to catch a disc in flight. A defining aspect of competitive disc dog freestyle, the Vault is a simple operation with a great many physical expressions and variations. This book aims to explore and uncover the principles and concepts of the vault and to deliver sound understanding of all aspects of the skill to players and judges for success, style, and safety’s sake.

Throwing With Intent

Throwing with Intent is throwing a disc to your dog with the intent to make them look good. Throwing the disc to promote a big leap, to hit the dog in stride on the run or throwing a disc that your dog is going to flip for 10 yards away, is the sign of a mature handler.

Disc Dog Training is not a Race

Some dogs come out of the whelping box jamming and some need to be taught. That’s the way it is. The point is that disc dog development is not a race and the sooner you stop looking at rapid development and comparing your pups development with that of another dog, the sooner you’ll be on the right page…