Fidgets | Freeshaping | Freestyle – Success!

Super fun group video chat with the PVybe Patron crew. We will be doing them once or twice a month… sorry we missed some of you. Catch you in the next one.

So the first group video chat is in the books. It was bad ass!

Super fun to hang out with you ladies and Jarrod’s. Here’s a quick lowdown on how it went down:

  1. Fidget lesson from Jarrod on the Girly Girl fidget. Super helpful – I got a key piece of the mechanical puzzle that I was missing and should be flinging that disc around in no time (not…).
  2. Weightless fidget – I brought us back to planet Earth with the only useful fidget.
  3. We hit on Stance Shifting with the Low High Toss
  4. Triggers, triggers, triggers
  5. Handstand Shortcut
  6. Backing Up – Funnel and rate of reinforcement

That’s about it, I think… Thanks a bunch for hanging out. We’ll do it again soon.

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