DiscDogger Weekly #3

We’ve got some terrific jams, games, and lessons for you this week. Bite Club! UpDog Challenge Games are in the mix with some smoking rounds of Greedy and 4 Way Play. A few jams with Apryl, Jack , and Ron on the little field… And 4 lessons on dropping, sequence building, and the Flatwork Compass for controlling and moving your disc dog.

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Identifying and Dealing With an Unintentional Drop Cue With a Prompt Switch

We have covered this before on the Cued Drop topic. Sometimes your dog learns to drop on a cue that you never intended to teach. In Loot’s case, the unintentional Drop cue happens when I pass or load the disc from the stack in my off hand to my throwing hand.

The Flatwork Compass – Creating a Sense of Direction Part 3 | Learn How to Follow the Leader

Follow the Leader is a great game. It’s fun. But following a leader that is a prey driven animal might lead you to places you don’t want to be. Follow the Leader with a leader who is not aware of the follower’s ability to follow breaks down right away. Follow the leader is best played when we know who the leader is and when we get some good cues as to where the game is going to go.

DiscDogger Weekly #14 – Puppies, Premature Ejumpulation, Bite Club, and Turning the World UpSide Down

We’ve got some sweet rounds of TimeWarp from Bite Club, the Grasshopper puppy’s 2nd Disc Dog Jam, some Epic sequence stealing, a bunch collection and tracking work to cure Premature Ejumpulation, and a few throwing lessons.