2002 Winter Incredible Dog Challenge – Holy Cow… and Magic!

Pretty sweet archival type disc dog footage here of the 2002 Incredible Dog Winter Challenge. Lou Mack & Buddy, Lourdes Edlin & Stryker, Mark Brisse & Gabby, Marie Earle & Bo, Chris Sexton & Laika, Chris Perondi & Pepper, Christie Goodman & Rider, Zane Nail & Kaia, Andy Busby & Cody. Hope I got all those right.

I loved it when the Challenge had the bonus zone throws all wrapped up into the freestyle portion of the contest instead of as an after thought. I miss that contest. It really put the game on edge and gave it that freewheeling jam session kind of vybe. Did you catch the seamless flow from freestyle to toss and fetch action at 18:45 with Chris & Laika… That’s pretty cool.

And what the heck was that at 19:07 …INSANE!!! Here, watch it if you are not watching the video right now:

If you click one thing on this page click here  Magical

I hope you all enjoy this video as much as I did…

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