Pawsitive Vybe St Louis UpDog Triple Crown Scores 2021

Here are the scores for last week’s Triple Crown. Great job everyone! Stay tuned to the UpDog Challenge for updates.

Ellie Stivers MochiEXP129.07
Ellie Stivers WhoopsEXP125.66
Winter KelevraPandaEXP124.96
Winter KelevraDareEXP114.31
Ellie Stivers MerlinEXP101.63
Paul LanzanteTysonINT90.79
Ellie StiversHocusEXP90.79
Kris NotterRokitEXP82.42
Ellie Stivers SoulEXP78.69
Susan DelibertoOrbitNOV76.44
Caitlyn OlvittKestraEXP73.05
Sydnie SchneiderEverlyNOV68.93
Paige Curtis BandicootNOV47.49
Lexi GamacheRainNOV40.02
Winter KelevraMulliganEXP36.42
Caitlyn OlvittKiteEXP35.76
Amy OlvittSpreeNOV34.87
Don Gamache RainNOV33.14
Caleb StroupOllieNOV15.90

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