Tao of Disc Dog | Self Expression

Expressing yourself ought to be the point of the whole game of disc with a dog. See or dream it, train it, do it. Make people get the feels while you do so.

It’s hard to express yourself when the routine is doing you or you put yourself or the dog below the game. Desire for self expression and doing cool, flowy things with your telepathic dog should be the strategy, leave the tricks and scores to be a part of the plan. Play.

Make the tricks and scores the strategy and you risk losing yourself. Not that there is anything wrong with losing yourself for a time, or putting together a big contest run, but the spirit of the jam is about more than performing tricks, scoring points, and trying to win. It is possible to pursue both paths at once, but it requires effort, sacrifice, and experience with the Tao.

If you are busy working on the tricks or the routine, when do you learn to express yourself? How do you learn the way of things? Play is the way to true self expression and self expression is the Way of Play. Playing with foundation and playing with purpose will feed and grow your sense of self expression .

Dog Training in Western Michigan
Excerpt from the Tao of Disc Dog
By Ron Watson

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