Attention for Wait

Lesson Progress:

Attention in the presence of discs creates a default wait. If eye contact is marked, the dog waits in anticipation of her cookie.

If you get eye contact and mark it, you have a moment or two to offer a bite as a cookie, to start a trick, or to make a toss. This creates a pause as the dog waits for you to offer next.

This default wait can be cultivated and drawn out for more patience and greater duration.

Self Control and Self Discipline

Attention is the definition of self control. The dog sees something she wants and decides that offered eye contact is what will earn access to it.

A self disciplined dog is the big benefit of attention, and self discipline is of tremendous benefit when it comes to disc and dog sports. Offered attention solves all kinds of drive problems: too much and too little.

For dogs with too much drive, Attention puts an end to the jumping around and on the handler while getting ready and set up. It grounds or centers the dog and puts the focus on the task at hand. Attention can also be used to control the energy and intensity level of the game.

For dogs with not as much drive or who are nervous or otherwise hard to engage, attention provides a bridge between traditional cookie training and the game of disc. Attention serves as a go-to behavior that can bolster a dog’s confidence and provide reassurance at key moments of play.

It’s a Tough Job, Someone’s Got to Do it

Putting discipline on a sport dog can be a tough job. When you put discipline on a dog, controlling the dog’s behavior becomes your responsibility. Do you really want to be responsible for a disc crazed maniac’s behavior?

A dog that uses attention to create opportunity is a dog that is easy to handle and ready to work. If a dog is responsible for her own behavior, then managing that disc crazed mania becomes her job.

The Self Disciplined Dog

Who do you trust, the man who has had discipline put on him or the self disciplined man?

The self disciplined dog does what is right regardless of whether or not a nasty punishment awaits her. The self disciplined dog is responsible for controlling her own behavior and understands that good behavior leads to good consequences.

Default Sit

Attention creates a default sit. How cool would it be for a rabid disc dog to sit and offer eye contact? Work some attention with discs and find out.

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