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Drop Criteria

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Teeth off is the criteria for a drop. This might seem obvious when reading or talking about it, but can be difficult to understand or put into practice while the dog is mauling a disc or zooming around the field.

If the teeth are removed from the toy, that’s a drop. It doesn’t matter if the dog dropped it only to bite it again. It doesn’t matter if the dog dropped it while facing away from the handler, if she dropped without eye contact, or if she dropped by accident.

When having trouble with the cued drop ‘Why’ is not your concern. “Why?” might be a concern in the future, but that is proofing of a known behavior and has little to do with learning.

The criteria for a drop is ‘teeth off’ the disc. When the teeth come off, mark the behavior,”Yes!” and reinforce with a cued bite, roller, or throw.

Let Your Reinforcement “Complete” the Behavior

The next disc or next action will pull the dog off the disc after a marker. It’s a cookie after all,”…and I earned it!”

This might need to be offered several times for it to be effective. Just trust that your dog wants to play and wants her cookie. If you trust and believe in it, it will happen…