Set Up Moves


A form that teaches 7 set up moves, a communication system, and team movement in 15 minutes total.



Around Clock & Counter

  1. Front Position
  2. Lure Dog Clockwise Around
  3. Pass/Match Cookie at Buttcrack
  4. Mark Match if dog is on the transfer.
  5. Finish Around behavior with new hand in Heel Position
  6. Step Back
  7. Repeat to 3 reps total
  8. Dismiss dog
  9. Repeat 1-8 for Counter Clock Around

Backwards Through Clock and Counter

  1. Front Position Legs together
  2. Lure Dog Clockwise Around
  3. Open Legs away from dog
  4. Pull and match lure between legs
  5. Pull dog to Change Position
  6. Pay dog liberally 10-20 cookeis – Hips to Shoulders
  7. Release or Scoot
  8. Repeat to 3 reps
  9. Dismiss Dog
  10. Repeat 1-9 for Counter Clock Backwards Through

Through Clock and Counter

  1. Front Position
  2. Lure Around Clock, mark match and finish in heel
  3. Step back and away with leg closest to dog
  4. Pull and match lure between legs, front to back
  5. Pay in Side position or pull and match Clockwise Through
  6. Repeat to 3 reps

Scoot: A Bonus Move

  1. Front position
  2. Lure dog’s face away to 12 o clock.
  3. Push back a bit and remove cookie.
  4. Pay at buttcrack.

Max Time:

2 minutes

Lessons Learned:

  • Hand to hand or target to target transfer
  • Follow the handler
  • Rewarding for Position
  • Rate of Reinforcement
  • Reward History
  • Set Up Moves
  • Cookies come from both hands
  • Prey drive with cookies


  • Set Up Moves
  • Team movement
  • Follow Handler
  • Flatwork Foundation
  • Slow Dog Down
  • Solidify Position
  • Communicate clearly


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