Around the World


4 dog catchable throws, delivered with intent in a circular pattern to a moving dog more than 7 yards from the handler. The dog travels “Around the World” making catches in stride.


  1. Set the dog on her Strong Flank
  2. Throw on the desired arc.
  3. Cue Drop and throw another.
  4. Cue Drop and throw another.
  5. Cue Drop and throw another.

Max Time:

15 seconds

Lessons Learned:

  • Throwing on Flank is different than Setting the Flank.
  • Throw inside the line (closer to the handler) to maintain the Flank.
  • Throwing outside the line (too far) can break the Flank.
  • Around the Worlds Work best on the Strong Flank.
  • Cued Drop should make the throw happen.
  • Clock throws go Clock and Counter throws go Counter.
  • Throwing with Intent.
  • Handler movement impacts the dog with pressure.


  • To do an Around the World (ATW)
  • To leap on the ATW
  • For learning to leap on the flank
  • To Expand the flank
  • To hold the flank
  • To create round movement
  • To keep the dog away from you


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