Low High Form

Lesson Progress:


Four throws in efficient succession: 2 from Basic Standing Position (BSP) Clock and 2 from BSP Counter.


  1. Start in BSP Counter Clock.
  2. Make a low high toss.
  3. Cue Drop.
  4. Shuffle back changing to BSP Clock.
  5. Make a low high toss.
  6. Cue Drop.
  7. Repeat 2x (4 throws).

Max Time:

15 seconds

Lessons Learned:

  • The essence of the catch.
  • Strong Flank can be diagnosed.
  • Set a reliable trigger.
  • Dog works within own space and respects handler’s space.


  • Low High for Wait
  • Low High for Attention
  • Low High for Drop
  • Low High for Position
  • Low High for Catching
  • Low High for Patience
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