Clock and Counter Clockwise Movement

Lesson Progress:


Demonstrate Clockwise and Counter Clockwise team movement.


Directional Feeding:

  1. Set Flank to right at 2’0 clock
  2. Hold position, dog running in front right to left
  3. Throw counter clockwise to 10 o’clock
  4. Repeat 2x

Around and Throw:

  1. Send or pull Dog around clockwise.
  2. Set Flank to left at 10 o’clock
  3. Send or pull dog around counter clockwise
  4. Set Flank to right at 2 o’clock
  5. Repeat 2x

Max Time:

20 seconds

Lessons Learned:

  • Directional bias of dog
  • Directional bias of handler
  • 360 degree movement
  • direction based leaping or catching bias


  • Learning to move in direction
  • Exercising a direction
  • Balancing a dog’s movement
  • Wind Management
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