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Pendulum Form

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Alternating Clock and Counter Working Flanks with throws in each direction.


  1. Around Clock and Set the Flank
  2. Declare Counter Clock Flank
  3. Cue Drop
  4. BFP Counter to pull the dog
  5. Throw to the Counter Flank
  6. Declare Clock
  7. Cue Drop
  8. BFP to Clock and pull the dog.
  9. Throw to the Clock Flank
  10. Repeat 2-9

Max Time:

45 seconds

Lessons Learned:

  • Declare early.
  • It’s almost like BSP.
  • Feel the hook up with the dog on the Flank.
  • Feel the pressure – Pushing or Pulling – while on Flank.
  • There is no need to rush the throw.
  • The Working Flank is kind of like a moving wait.
  • Clock throws go Clock, Counter throws go Counter.


  • To work or exercise the cued Drop
  • To Warmup
  • To develop Flatwork
  • To slough off pressure from the dog
  • To flow
  • To create lateral play
  • To slow down a dog
  • To highlight team movement

Additional Resources: