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Crossing Pass Form

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Alternating Clockwise then counter clockwise throws to a target starting with a Front Cross from BSP positions. Thrown with intent and in dog catchable fashion.


  1. Set up a target at 9 yards at maximum leaping height.
  2. Face away from the target in BSP Counter.
  3. Front cross to Backhand throw at target.
  4. Look back away from target and you are in BSP Clock.
  5. Front cross to Sidearm / Overhand Wristflip
  6. Look back and pose in BSP Counter.
  7. Front cross to Backhand.
  8. Look Back, Pose in BSP Clock
  9. Front Cross to Sidearm / OHWF

Max Time:

30 seconds

Lessons Learned:

  • Define and experience the Front Cross
  • The handler’s feet matter.
  • Front Cross to throw Clock and Counter.
  • Useful for Passing.
  • Useful for Flatwork.
  • Learn to throw behind you.
  • Imagining your dog’s line.


  • To develop muscle memory
  • To train a particular throw
  • For throwing off the Front Cross
  • Modify for Zig Zag and Around the World