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Balanced Position Form

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Demonstration of fluency in Basic Standing Position, Basic Flatwork position, the Front Cross, and the Low High Toss.


  1. BSP Counter to Low High Toss
  2. Drop
  3. BFP Counter 360º
  4. Front Cross to BSP Clock
  5. Low High Toss and Drop
  6. BFP Clock 360º
  7. Front Cross to BSP Counter
  8. Drop
  9. Repeat 2x

Max Time:

30 seconds

Lessons Learned:

  • Patience and waiting work.
  • Dog follows the handler.
  • Handler lead the dog.
  • Develop a practical Front Cross and Stance Shifting.
  • Learn about Pressure.
  • Clearly communicate Clock vs Counter.
  • One link at a time makes a chain.
  • Diagnose the Strong and Weak Flank.


  • For Drive Management
  • For Wind Management
  • For disaster recovery
  • For working with Pressure
  • To develop handler footwork
  • For Warmup
  • To teach Flatwork Foundation
  • To work in small spaces