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Vault Toss – Learning a Horizontal Hover

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Continuous Flick

The rotation of the disc will happen throughout the stroke of the toss. The wrist will open slowly, and establish rotation as the arm moves up from below the waist to above the handler’s eyes. This long, continuous flick will ensure that the disc is able to rotate on it’s way up to the target. We’ll just take a long stroke and open that wrist and set the disc upon the shelf.

Manipulating the Wing

As we are working vaults, sometimes we need to adjust the orientation of the disc. Perhaps the disc needs to be flat. Sometimes it will need the left side up higher. Sometimes a catch will require the Right side of the disc to be higher. Being able to control the orientation of the rim on a vault toss or Horizontal Hover is key to being able to throw it appropriately for any situation.

Throw High as an Overcorrection

Once we have the Horizontal Hover working for us, we want to take it to the extreme so the simple expressions of the behavior are far easier to achieve. We’ll throw this Horizontal Hover as high as we can, successfully, in order to make the simple, 3 foot toss easier to perform.

Throw Behind You

If we are having a problem keeping the disc over top of us, if it is flying out in front of us, we can make the conscious choice to throw the disc backwards. By having the ability to throw the disc backwards, we can ensure that we can control the placement of the disc in relation to the plane of our bodies.

Dueling Vault Tosses

Our dogs pressure us with their movement every time we throw a vault. Their movement and timing affects the throw on every single repetition. Sometimes it is very hard to handle that pressure in terms of timing as we are throwing a disc to a particular spot. This dueling Vault Tosses drill creates a situation where we can practice performing this skill on a dynamic timetable.

Please ask any questions about throwing vault and over tosses in comments below.