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Dog Catch

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Take a Moment with Your Dog

great performances have the occasional slow and sentimental moments. take a moment with your dog and share it with the people watching you.

[icon type=”key”] 3 keys:

  1. great performances have peaks and valleys
  2. dog catch as cheer cue
  3. create a photo finish

Performance Energy Level Highs and Lows

peaks are made bigger and better when nestled in pretty valleys. make sure that your routine has both peaks and valleys.

The Dog Catch is a great strategic low for a disc dog routine. “Why the heck would I want a Low?”

Great performances are filled with peaks and valleys – think of an audio file on your computer. The wav file has tons of peaks and valleys. Even a Metallica tune has real low, easy going valleys. That’s why you can listen to them.

When it is just ear splitting peak after ear splitting peak, nobody can listen to it. Loud has lost all meaning.

Loud is defined and amplified through moments of quiet. A nice relaxed dog catch and a moment to gather yourself and take a breath is no big deal. It’s a nice bridge between quiet to loud. If you are really entertaining, odds are the crowd needs a breath too.

Dog Catch = Cheer Cue

a lot of the time when watching disc dogs jam the crowd goes into a daze. they forget to cheer. a Dog Catch with a raised arm tells the crowd to cheer.

Amazing disc dog routines are jaw dropping spectacles. Some performances steal the breath from the entire field and everyone sits silently on the edge of their seats with their hearts in their throats. Some performances are so incredibly athletic or emotive that people’s eyes glaze over a bit.

In times like these, the crowd totally forgets to cheer. Sometimes you need to tell them to cheer. A Dog Catch can totally be a cheer cue for the crowd. Ask them, heck, tell them to cheer for you and your dog. Milk it and drink it in.

Dog Catch for the Emotive Photo Finish

a Dog Catch is a nice way to finish your routine. it’s efficient and safe and is emotive for the spectators. the photos are sweet too.

Having a strong finish to a disc dog routine is something that is quite important for demos and competition. A Dog Catch is a common and effective way to finish off performances. Everybody loves to see someone hugging their dog with a smile on their face at the end of a contest, right?