Space Time Continuum

Space and Time

Everybody knows that disc placement is key to making disc dogs look good. One thing most people don’t think about is the timing of that placement. Timing is just as important as placement, if not more so. A disc can be thrown with perfect placement, 4.5 feet in the air, 12 yards away, on the dog’s line, and if she is not there at the proper time, it’s all for naught.

Last week’s flatwork patterns were not only about learning how our dog moves and how to move her around the field, they were also about space and time. We were trying to get discs placed to the dog at the proper distance at the moment she was going to be there so we could hit her on the run and make her look good.

This Space and Time concept is in effect throughout the entire game of the game of Disc. Heck it’s in place throughout sport in general. Placement and timing are inseparable when it comes to all sports. One without the other and the whole thing falls apart.

Stopping Time

Try to increase the amount of time that the disc hangs in that space where the dog is going to make the catch. Throw a disc to the appropriate distance at the dog’s maximum leaping height and try to make it stay at that point for as long as possible. The longer it stays at that point, the more apt the dog is to jump up and snatch it out of the air. A well placed hovering disc is irresistible to a disc dogs. Their eyes bug out of their head. It’s just sitting there, as if it were on a table, waiting for the dog, daring the dog, to snatch it.

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