Transferring from Treats to Toys

Lesson Progress:

All of the drills in this weeks lessons need to be transferred from treats to toys. Here are a few concepts we can use to do this quickly and efficiently.

Playing with Cookies

Throughout this week we have been quite concerned with being very deliberate and clean in our foundational positioning movements so we can deliver the transferring of value from hand to hand and to ensure that we’re practicing perfectly.

The next step is to use our cookies a bit more loosely and to let things flow a little bit more. We can activate prey drive by moving faster, ease up on the matching and pass the value from hand to hand a bit more figuratively.

We’re going to start playing with cookies.

Hand Targeting

Hand targeting is a great skill to work with these Foundational Drills, and does a good job of proofing the skill. If you have hand targeting, go ahead and start working on transferring the value from hand to hand.

Playing with Toys

We are going to set things up exactly the same as playing with cookies flavor of our foundational position, Set Up Moves and Flatwork Foundation.

Reinforcement will be in the form of tossing the toy, when the handler wants some space, or a bite and tug on the toy when the dog needs to be closer to the handler. This is rewarding for position and is very important to be be mindful of in all training and play.

The value of the toy may need to scaled when we have dogs that are really high in drive or over aroused. It is possible that we’ll need to use a medium, or even low, value toy to help our dogs be successful to start.

Managing Drive

Using Attention, unsolicited eye contact for access to the toys and to play in general can be very helpful in managing drive. Rewarding with Action is a tactic that we can employ to help smooth out this issue.

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