Set Up Moves

Lesson Progress:

Set Up Moves are the cool things we do to get our dogs into position. Go Around, between the legs, spin, scoot, etc. are all Set Up Moves. You can watch any top shelf disc dog competitor and note their mastery of Setting Up a dog. You also can watch them and see repetitive or default Set Up Moves that dictate the possibilities of the game. Some people Love to scoot! Some people just bring the dog in straight to the Front of the handler.

At Pawsitive Vybe we work on being as flexible as possible when it comes to getting our dogs set up so the team looks cool while prepping for the next set of tricks. We also like to be able to create innovative and complex tricks involving unexpected movements and nifty angles. It’s far better to be able to do 10 set up moves than 3.

The video above demonstrates our Set Up Move Drill. It’s a five minute (Max!) session and teaches:

  • Go Around – Clockwise and Counter Clockwise
  • Through – Go Through handler’s legs from front to back
  • Backwards Through – Go Through handler’s legs from Back to Front
  • Scoot – Back Up Between Handler’s Legs from Back to Front

Each of those moves has a clockwise and counter clockwise variation, which means that this drill can teach 8 set up moves in 5 minutes. It’s one of our most important and valuable foundational drill. It is also one of the most efficient. Three 5 minute sessions and you teach all your set up moves that easily transfer to discs.

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