Flatwork Foundation

Lesson Progress:

This video lays out our baseline Flatwork Foundation. We are teaching the dog the movements involved, but like Foundational Set Up Moves, we are really focusing on the hand to hand cue and the resulting shoulder orientation that tells the dog to change direction. This drill teaches Front and Rear crosses at the foundational level and is entirely compatible with the Set Up Move drill.

What is a Cross?

A cross is an agility skill where the dog and handler switch sides. So if the dog is on Heel (to the handler’s Left) a Cross would finish with the dog on Side (the handler’s Right). Performing a crsoss means that the handler moves the dog from one side of the handler’s body to the other. When disc doggers send their dogs around, that is known as a Blind Cross in the agility world. We  perform many variations of crossing during the course of a freestyle jam, but we’re going to focus in on two in particular: the Front and Rear cross.

Front Cross

A Front Cross takes place when the handler is in front of the dog, on the dog’s line. This kind of a cross asks the dog to turn towards the handler. So a Front Cross can be considered a move where the dog and handler switch sides by the handler crossing the dog’s path or the dog turning towards the handler. It’s a little weird to think about (even for agility folk, sometimes…) so let’s just define it and get the foundation together and we’ll worry about fully understanding it next week. 😉

Rear Cross

A Rear Cross takes place when the handler is behind the dog. This kind of Cross has the dog turning away from the handler. The dog is moving away from the handler on Heel and the handler crosses the path of the dog with the dog winding up in Side position. Again, it’s fairly confusing to think about right now, so let’s just work the drill until we apply it next week.

Practical Application

Here’s a quick video with Leilani Demonstrating some Flatwork. Keep in mind Leilani has done this kind of Flatwork for a couple years, so she kinda rocks…

Watch Rokalele Do Her thing….

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