What is Your Athletic history

Lesson Progress:

As we start into the practical part of this course we are going to be talking about athletics. Team concepts, mechanics, movement, timing, all of these things are going to come into play over the next few weeks.

One thing that I like to do as an instructor is to get a handle on the athletic history of the people that I’m working with. I’ve coached several sports and have participated and competed in more than a few as well. The list of sports I’m familiar with is pretty extensive.  If you let me know your athletic history, I will probably be able to funnel some of this athletic discussion we are going to have into comfortable and familiar territory for most of you.

This can be a hugely beneficial in helping me tailor and personalize instruction and will create some shorthand communication that we can use throughout this course.

Please tell us a bit about your athletic history in the comments below.

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