Dismissing the Low Drive Dog

Lesson Progress:

Dismissal is imperative for dogs that have trouble staying engaged or who are lower on the drive scale.

It is important to quit before a dog disengages from any game. If a dog checks out after 30 seconds, Dismiss her at 20. All games must be turned off before the dog loses interest.

Be sure to quit while she is high. It’s not about quitting on success, it’s about quitting on high. Quit when the dog is so bonkers for the game she can’t stand it. Make sure that when she hears “Go Do Dog Stuff!” that she is genuinely bummed about it,”Aww, man! Not again, I was just getting rolling!”

A dog that has a history of leaving the field while wanting to play more will be less likely to check out or disengage early. More play becomes a bonus instead of an obligation or a requirement.

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