Dismissing the High Drive Dog

Lesson Progress:

For the high drive dog, dismissal is an off switch. It asks her to disengage from the handler and does not allow for interaction until she has done so. She doesn’t have to leave but she does have to disengage.

The high drive dog learns, perhaps not so quickly, that the handler is not always available for work, leading to a reduction in demand barking, jumping, and classically conditioned state.

Capture & Shape Soft Behaviors

Shape and capture behaviors that are not aggressively seeking a response by the handler. If the dog is trying to manipulate you with the behavior, it’s not soft. 

Soft behaviors like Ambient Attention, a happenstance generic look at the handler for no other purpose than to look and see, or a release of focus on a distraction in the environment.

Hard behaviors like laser focused eye contact, a snapping reorientation to the handler, or an aggressive down should be ignored.

You want the dog to ease up on the work.

Remember, Dismissal doesn’t mean the dog has to leave, it means the handler is not available.

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