Marking Bite or Drop

Watch Your Marker

The positive marker on a cued bite can result in a dog immediately removing his teeth from the object to get the cookie, be it food, chase, or another bite.
When doing bitework, if you mark the removal from the hand criteria, the dog might take his teeth off the toy to prepare for the next opportunity. It might be necessary to temporarily stop marking the bite when having trouble with the cued drop.

Focus Matters

Marking the removal from the hand every time will create an immediate drop. A simple shift of focus from Bite to Drop, changing the criteria that is marked, will have drastic impact on the mechanics of the game.

Start with the Bite

Start with marking the Bite until the behavior is strong and exciting for the dog. Try to cue the Drop after your marker, you may or may not be able to do it. It’s cool, don’t sweat it right away.

Move to the Drop

Once you’ve got a vigorous cued Bite, stop marking it. It’s solid. Shift your focus to the cued Drop.

Stay silent as the disc is torn from your hand then pause… Cue the Drop and be ready to pounce. When the teeth come off, offer the cued Bite and repeat, with the focus on the cued Drop.

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