Collar Hook = Give

When offering the dead fish tug, it can be really hard to hold on to the disc if the dog is going bonkers trying to tear the disc from the hand.

The lack of resistance should be a natural signal for the dog to drop the disc, but many dogs don’t heed that natural signal.

If you go slack and the dog continues to tug vigorously, solve that problem by simply hooking two fingers under the dog’s collar, right under the chin.

Hold the collar in such a fashion so that when trying to tug and pull the disc from the hand, the dog winds up pulling on his collar instead.

This allows you to hold onto the disc while providing a loose, lame, dead fish tug. You still maintain control over the disc there is just no load on it. No more tearing discs out of the hand.

Reinforce Immediately

When learning the give, as soon as the dog gives up the disc in the hand, it’s a good idea to reinforce immediately. Give a quick bite cue or pop out a roller as quick as possible to help the dog understand that giving up a disc is a good thing.

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