About Ron Watson

An accomplished dog trainer, dog sport coach and dog behavior expert, Ron Watson of PVybe spends every minute he can collaborating with dog lovers all over the world. Specializing in canine performance, learning theory and behavior, Ron along with the fabulous Apryl Lea, run real world and online seminars as well as personal training, clinics, and Hangouts. He lives to talk dogs, so go ahead and ask Ron a question via our contact page, Facebook or on Google .

Economics of Distraction

Economics of Distraction

Rhythm has a tendency to explode into the environment when he’s asked to work – marking everything, sniffing everything, hustling up on people, etc – essentially working everything but his handler and Frisbees. The environment is extremely stimulating for this little guy…

Hops in Rockford #1

Trainer’s Notes: Freeshaped Down earns cookies in Rear of Crate. – 30 secondsHops’ down made cookies happen in the rear of the crate presenting competing interest between crate and public environment. Freeshaped Down to get the hand to the door. – 30 secondsHops’ down made me put my hand on the crate latch. Consequent. Duration […]