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Loose Wrists Flick Discs – The Trick to Floating Discs

How to Hover and Float a Disc

here’s some footage from camp of a drill we developed at Pawsitive Vybe for generating the heavy Zs (lots of spin) on discs required to make them float and hover to entice your dog into jumping up there and leaping for them.

This drill doesn’t have a name, but it should. I call it the stop sign thing. Combine this with the Flick Myth, and it’s kind of an epiphany for many throwers of plastic, beginner to advanced, and has made more than a few disc dog teams happy and hoppy.

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Backhands From Basic to Bombsquad

the traditional disc throw is the Backhand. from training to performance, the Backhand, while not the sexiest throw of them all, is probably the most important. your dog should see at least 10 perfect Backhands to every crazy throw.

The quest for perfect placement on the backhand throw should never end. Work and train so you can deliver discs with perfect placement.

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